Relax with a free cup of chai and a mindful moment at our hand painted tuk tuk

Catch your breath and enjoy a free, freshly made brew in this heart-warming new show by Trigger.  

Have a well-deserved TEABREAK in this heart-warming new show from Trigger. As you stir your cup, gently glide through the history and ritual of tea with a transportive audio piece and live dance performance. Follow the journey of tea across continents and centuries, onto our shores and into our teapots as the great comforter of our time.  

With freshly brewed chai and peppermint tea served from Trigger’s beautifully hand painted Tuk Tuk, this gentle performance brings an uplifting moment of pause. A rich tapestry of voices reflect on tea, from personal stories of love, loss and ritual come something universal: an invitation to rest awhile, appreciate all that we have, honour moments that have passed and ready ourselves for what is to come. 

The Tuk Tuk is now on tour as part of our winter experience TEALIGHT.

Tour Dates

TEABREAK is a free performance for anyone who enjoys tea

Now booking for 2024

"A moving and time stopping experience... powerfully realised"

Audience member, Brighton Festival

Project Story

The TEABREAK Tuk Tuk was originally commissioned to be part of PoliNations Birmingham, developed to represent one of nine Iconic Plants celebrated throughout the PoliNations programme.  

The Iconic Plant sculptures helped share the vivid and diverse origin stories of each plant with visitors to the super garden. Whether rooted in a teeming forest or urban metropolis, every plant has its own history and journey of how it came to be here. 

With an original audio score and live dance performance, TEABREAK journeys further into the story of tea; how it came to be here, what it means to us and what its real cost is. 

The Tuk Tuk is now on tour as part of our winter experience TEALIGHT.

Booking information

If you are a festival or programmer interested in booking TEABREAK and would like a tour pack, please contact Producer Phoebe Stringer: 

Thank you to our contributors

Advolly Richmond - Garden, Landscape & Social Historian
Tasha Marks - Food Historian and founder of AVM Curiosities
Jane Milton – Tea Somellier, Jane Milton ltd.
Hannah Colton - Hanni Rose Mindfulness
Master Gu, with special thanks to George Thompson

Abigail Kelly, Amintha Baleswaran, Anna and Josh Southwell from Loves Cafe, Weston, Annie Hammond, Bagyam and Kasi Goundan, Bilhar Singh and Tirtho Kaur, Becca Gill, Chellam Ramaswamy, Cliff Andrade, Congregation of St Thomas’ Church, Stamford Hill, Dermot Knowles, Edward Fortes, Ella Cormack, Fareeha Kauser, Farshid, Gabriella Vazquez and Dylan Shipley, Geetha Yogananthan, Hamish Malcolm, Hatty Campbell-Taylor, Hania, Marysia and Ola Lange, Jane O’Brien, Jess van Vliet, Jim Hammond, Kathy Chappell, Kristin Perers, Leila Hammond, Letisha Malcolm, Michael Evans, Natalie Adams, Nick Seymour, Ola, Orlando Gangbo, Ranjan, Ritun Anand, Rob Layton, Rosa Bowler Slade, Rowena Hannam, Rowena Hilborne, Simran Lalli, Shayan, Theo Gangbo, Tom Ronayne, Vicki Chan, Vladimir

Creative Team

Angie Bual
Lou Cope
Divija Melally & Kali Chandrasegaram
George Bloomfield
Composer and Sound Designer
Prithvi Sachithanandam
Sound Recordist
Bronia Housman & Carl Robertshaw
Tuk Tuk design
Reiltin Hart and Raphaella Philcox
Tuk Tuk Assistant Designers/ Illustrators
Nick Murley
Tuk Tuk Scenic Artist
Rakae Jamil
Jay Kerry
Production Manager
Funder + Partners

TEABREAK has been supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Timber Festival. The tuk tuk was originally developed as part of PoliNations Birmingham, commissioned by UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK.