Lighting up the night with candles and chai

A celebration of tea and togetherness; a triumph of light over darkness

TEALIGHT is a vibrant participatory light installation that combines the joyous spirit of Diwali with the warming comfort of tea; illuminating hearts and minds through ritual and togetherness. 

Join in as the rich history of tea is interwoven with the celebratory essence of Diwali. You are invited to light a candle with us and enjoy a comforting cup of freshly brewed chai, served from a beautifully hand painted tuk tuk.  

Sip your cup and be transported across continents and centuries; scan a QR code and listen to the evocative story of tea unfold alongside an original composition from Rakae Jamil.

Tour Dates

TEALIGHT is now booking for 2024

Diwali In Leicester Saturday 4th November 2023, St Peter's Square, Leicester

Booking information

If you are a festival or programmer interested in booking TEALIGHT and would like a tour pack, please contact Phoebe: 

Creative Team

Angie Bual
Bronia Housman & Carl Robertshaw
Tuk Tuk design
Reiltin Hart and Raphaella Philcox
Tuk Tuk Assistant Designers/ Illustrators
Nick Murley
Tuk Tuk Scenic Artist
Rakae Jamil
Jay Kerry
Production Manager