‘Ultra smart producers Trigger’ The Scotsman

Trigger is a producing organisation led by Angie Bual, who create theatrical experiences where artforms, sectors and interests collide. We work with an evolving portfolio of artists and partners who share our ambition to produce captivating, provocative, engaging work.

Like our audiences, we don’t care for categories and pigeon-holes. We do like fusion, overlap and ambition.

Since Trigger was founded in 2011 we have worked with a broad range of partner organisations including Edinburgh Art Festival, Science Museum, Fuel, Glasgow University and Cape Farewell. We’ve worked internationally and across the UK.

We have collaborated with artists including Josie Long, Tam Dean Burn, Kieran Hurley, Frightened Rabbit, Hanna Tuulikki, Aidan Moffat and Gary McNair.

Current artists include: Raucous, Mervyn Millar & Carl Robertshaw.

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We are based at Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio