With You

A free digital service designed to support isolated patients and care home residents

WithYou was a free digital service designed to support isolated patients and care home residents by bringing voice messages and music from their friends and family together on one playable audio track.  

Project story

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the easy-to-use platform allowed users to record voice notes, collecting them into a digital album for their loved one receiving care. The tracks were then available to be played to the patient on a digital device.  

WithYou had an important impact connecting family and friends with their loved ones, particularly during the height of the pandemic when there was a considerable peak in use. In several instances, the platform was used to deliver final messages.   

As normal visiting protocols returned, we found a reduction in need for the service as family and friends have been able to visit in person once again. 

“This could make the difference as to whether someone pulls through or not”

Jo - Doctor at Cardiff Hospital

In March 2023 Trigger announced the closure of WithYou, with pride for its impact during an unprecedented moment of widespread social disconnection – and appreciation that it’s no longer needed in the same way.  

As an organisation making work in response to live social issues, closure of WithYou allowed us to shift our focus into new areas - such as the work we’re doing with our local refugee community. 

"No one should ever have to experience loneliness or isolation in any of our country's care systems. Bringing familiar voices of loved ones to bedsides has been a challenge that Trigger have overcome with creativity and vigour this winter."

Charlie David, Patient Experience Manager, Whittington Hospital

Thank you to our partners

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, Whittington Health NHS Trust, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and John Gillespie House, Abbey Field.
WithYou was created with leading UX designers Limeknight and Krashtech.