Draw back the curtain and discover a world of magic and metamorphosis

Step into the Jitterbug and lose yourself in Gregor's bizarre and fantastical world!

Inspired by Kafka’s timeless Metamorphosis, the Jitterbug tent stands as a marvel of transformation and discovery. 

Taking place over one weekend, a captivating FREE programme of creative activities, discussions and performance for all ages invites you to immerse yourself in the astonishing tale of waking up as a bug.  

The Jitterbug tent will be a hive of activity from day to night. Welcome in the day with morning yoga, crafting and activities for young imaginations, be inspired by afternoon panel talks, interact with insects and awaken your inner creature! As the sun sets, the Jitterbug will burst to life with cabaret, circus and incredible aerialists.  

Everyone is invited to join this celebration of difference, self-expression, and beauty that radiates from within! 

This event took place in May/June 2024


Created by Trigger, co-produced by Trigger and the Cultural Programme from University of Oxford, Jitterbug celebrates the global legacy of the author Franz Kafka.

From 31 May to 2 June, Oxford's University Park will be taken over by an incredible and enormous inflatable bug tent from award-winning artists Trigger.

A free programme of day-to-night creative activities will take place inside the insect, with workshops and events for all ages: from talks, yoga and crafting to storytelling hosted by Story Museum and a drag cabaret extravaganza, with a brand-new collaboration between Oxford-based MC Rawz and aerialist Julia Sparkle.

Read the full programme below. Please note this event has now passed. Jitterbug will be touring soon.

Friday 31 May

Insect Tribe Yoga  
Feel your inner caterpillar transform into a zen butterfly in a morning yoga session! Get ready to wriggle, crawl, and stretch your way through poses led by our expert instructor. Suitable for all ages and experience levels.  

Story Museum Takeover  
Embark on a storytelling journey through the world of marvellous minibeasts! Meet Anansi the trickster spider, the snail who transformed into the moon and more. Crafts, games and lots of joining in for families to enjoy. Suitable for ages 5+ 

Minibeast Storytime 
Step into a world where tiny creatures go on big adventures! Gather round for some enchanting bug-themed stories read by familiar faces. There’s a whole kingdom waiting to be explored... 

Bee Party Crafting 
Prepare to buzz with creativity! Join in for a hive-tastic crafting session and create bee-autiful accessories for the upcoming Bee Disco celebration. Craft, chat and get buzzing with excitement for a celebration like no other! 

Bee Disco 
Join some buzzy guests for a party that's bound to create a hive of memories. Don't worry if you can't make it to our crafting session, you can still join us for a wiggle! 

Kafka in Ink 
Be inspired by this thought-provoking panel discussion exploring the themes and enduring influence of Franz Kafka's literary works. Delving into the ink-stained pages of Kafka's stories, we’ll explore the mysteries and complexities of his writing. 

Meow Meow
International Superstar Meow Meow graces us with a little taster of her Kafkaesque musical mayhem and 1920’s Weimar Berlin magnificence ahead of the world premiere of Arthur Pita’s brand new work with Edward Watson , Meow and composer Frank Moon - “A Hunger Artist” for Oxford’s Kafka celebrations

Saturday 1 June

Bugify Me 
Transform your wardrobe into a buzzing masterpiece, breathe new life into old clothes or dive into our collection of recycled materials to craft an outfit fit for a bug! Let your creativity soar and bug-ify your style in this insect-inspired costume workshop.  

Bug Fashion Show 
Join this electrifying bug fashion show, where Bugify Me creations will take flight in a spectacular display of insect-inspired couture. Our esteemed panel of judges will crown the most stylish bug designs! 

Transfiguration: The Power of Music and Dance with Mumo Creative 
Experience a synergy of sound, movement and mindfulness in this workshop led by MuMo's Creative Director, Roosa Leimu-Brown. Live music, dance and targeted exercises combine to boost strength, flexibility, and mental wellbeing.  

Beyond the pages: Kafka's Impact on Contemporary Art 
Join our expert panellists as they delve into the profound influence of Kafka's literary legacy on modern art. Explore surreal landscapes, existential themes and enigmatic characters as the panellists dissect Kafka's enduring impact on creativity, expression, and interpretation.

Enter a world where music entwines with aerial artistry for this debut collaboration between Julia Sparkle and RAWZ. Prepare to be captivated as melodies soar and acrobatics defy gravity, a mesmerizing fusion of sound and movement!


Dragademia, Oxford's favourite Drag Show & Tell Event is excited to join the Jitterbug buzz. Hosted by America's Queen of Hearts Saundra Lezzenbaum, this variety performance will showcase local drag artists taking on the themes of Metamorphosis, transformation inside and out, and bugs! How's that for intersectionality? The show will be capped off by a Q&A with the performers where we'll discuss the transformational power of drag as an art form, political statement, and way of life!

Sunday 2 June

Insect Adventures 
Come and hang out with a groovy live stick insect! Get up close and personal, and learn how to better protect our miniature mates. Build your very own habitat in a seed bomb and bug hotel workshop, run in partnership with Oxford horticulture project Fig 

Seed Bombs with Fig Studio 
In this workshop, led by Oxford based art and nature project Fig Studio, you will be introduced to making seed bombs that can be used to disperse seeds - transforming landscapes into bug friendly environments!   

Bug Tales 
Get inspired by incredible aphids and weird wobbly worms as you delve into the world of creepy crawlies in this creative writing workshop. Unlock your imagination and then apply it to the page as you create fantastical stories of bugs, beetles and things that go buzz in the night!  

Future of Insects 
Join us for an engaging panel discussion delving into the fascinating world of insects and their pivotal role in shaping our future. From sustainable food sources to biodiversity conservation, our expert panellists will navigate the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead. 

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