Each Tiny Drop

A joyful opening celebration for Manchester International Festival

Honouring our connection to water – and to one another – in a joyful gathering at Mayfield Park. 

On the banks of the River Medlock, we celebrated the start of Manchester International Festival 2023 with Each Tiny Drop. 

Rivers from all over the world flow into our oceans, just like people from all walks of life come together to create a vibrant community. Each Tiny Drop celebrated this togetherness and the gift of water, drawing on ancient practices and river rituals from South Asian culture. 

Audiences were invited to collect water specially transported from the Soan River in Pakistan and steward it into the River Medlock. The event was enjoyed in many ways; with some joining the chorus led singing while others took a moment to relax and reflect by the water. 

Celebrating of the life source we so often take for granted, Each Tiny Drop connected audiences through the cycles and wonders of nature. From artist Risham Syed and director Angie Bual, it was a gesture of renewal and hope – and a reminder that each of us can care for our rivers.


"It's an inward-looking invitation to contemplation"

- Risham Syed

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Creative Team

Angie Bual
Risham Syed
Concept artist
Funders & Partners

Commissioned by Factory International for Manchester International Festival