7 – 20 August 2011

This August, a series of impromptu happenings are winding their way through the Edinburgh Art Festival.

Trigger presents dark tales and strange experiences created by comedian Josie Long, musician Aidan Moffat (formerly of Arab Strap), poet Ross Sutherland and performers Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari of Shunt.
Spun from the Edinburgh Art Festival programme, Detours is a series of live events, performed in the city’s most stimulating visual art spaces.

Experience Detours through a cinematic lens. Pick up the stories online and return to the gallery in your own time.
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These events are free but ticketed – maximum 4 tickets per person per event. Each one will last between 15 and 20 minutes.


The live Detours have already happened.
We worked with Daniel Warren to make films to accompany each Detour. You can see them all here on our Detours Vimeo channel.

Aidan Moffat at Sierra Metro: 5pm, 7 August

In this Detour, Aidan explores ideas of transformation and de-contextualisation, reflecting the themes of Carmen Sylva by collective Peles Empire. Audio meets visual: enter the painstakingly re-created room of a Romanian castle, and listen to a re-created classic that’s been given the Moffat treatment.

This Detour is a response to Carmen Sylva at Sierra Metro.

Aidan Moffat at Sierra Metro by TriggerStuff


Aidan Moffat at Inverleith House: 7pm, 8 August

Formerly one half of Arab Strap and now an iconic singer-songwriter and storyteller in his own right, Aidan Moffat here riffs on the themes of junk and the city. Inspired by Rauschenberg’s collages, his performance splices together a series of headlines from the local press to create a melodic short story.

This Detour is a response to Robert Rauschenberg: Botanical Vaudeville at Inverleith House.


Josie Long at Inspace: 2pm, 9 August

Young, female and politically active, Josie Long and Ellie Harrison are two rising stars of the comedy and visual art scenes whose work squarely and firmly punches the state of the nation in the face. This Detour sees Josie exploring Ellie’s A Brief History of Privatisation, an installation addressing the shifting face of public service policy…through the use of massage chairs.

This Detour is a response to Ellie Harrison’s A Brief History of Privatisation, part of New Media Scotland’s ‘Left To My Own Devices’ exhibition for the Edinburgh Art Festival at Inspace.


Ross Sutherland at the Open Eye Gallery: 6.30pm, 15 August

Award-winning author Ross Sutherland (Times Top Ten Literary Star) plays a short piece from Byrne’s legendary 1987 TV series, layering a new story from his own life over the top of it. “I’m Just A Lonely Guy” was the b-side to “Tutti Frutti” on Little Richard’s original release of the song.

This Detour is a response to John Byrne RSA at the Open Eye Gallery.


Josie Long at The Fruitmarket Gallery: 5pm, 16 August

Josie’s Detour at The Fruitmarket Gallery takes place against the backdrop of Ingrid Calame’s intricate drawings and paintings. The work of both artists is here displayed in a gallery, but retains a strong connection with the world outside.

This Detour is a response to Ingrid Calame at The Fruitmarket Gallery.


Nigel & Louise of Shunt at Bourne Fine Art: 7pm, 17 August

Nigel & Louise of Shunt are creating an unsettling experience where whispering paintings come to life. Working with a team of live performers, the duo will develop a live soundscape that quite literally talks to you…

This Detour is a response to Five Centuries of Scottish Portraiture at Bourne Fine Art.


Ross Sutherland at The City Art Centre: 7pm, 19 August

Award-winning author Ross Sutherland (Times Top Ten Literary Star) reads ‘In The Beginning: a Love Story In Reverse’ a short story about Edinburgh, astronomy, and the birth of the universe. Inspired by both religious and evolutionary theories, Sutherland’s story follows a university lecturer as he searches backwards through his failing marriage, looking for the initial spark that made him fall in love. The story will be presented against a backdrop of found footage, assembled by the author.

This Detour is a response to David Mach: Precious Light, King James Bible 1611-2011 at the City Art Centre.


Nigel & Louise of Shunt at Jupiter Artland: 3.30pm, 20 August

Nigel and Louise of Shunt will bring Laura Ford’s ‘Weeping Girls’ to life in the woods of Jupiter Artland.

This Detour is a response to Weeping Girls at Jupiter Artland.



Detours is produced by Trigger and commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival.


Image credit: Emily Chappell for Trigger.