Ordinary Adventures

May – July 2011

A gaming arcade with a difference!
Cardboard, ribbons & elastic-bands become low-fi computer consoles transporting you into the world of kinetic gaming. Your favourite video games come alive before your eyes.
Test your competitive spirit in these tactile adventures made from ordinary stuff.

Interplanetary Post Box
A miniature galaxy inside a regular post box, accompanied by sound from a home-made record player.
This two-player game is the perfect blend of sci-fi and nostalgia.

Two pimped up sewing machines take on the role of street racers in this fast-paced two-player game.
Players race each other, and the clock for a place on the leader-board.

Trigger are on the road with Ordinary Adventures this summer:
The Interplanetary Post Box featured at Igfest in Bristol on May 28th.
In July, the big red box is joined by its little sewing machine pals at Latitude. Look out for us in Pandora’s Playground.


Angie Bual and Fergus Dunnet of Ordinary Adventures make work aimed at romanticising contemporary life. Using basic materials they make esoteric and utilitarian theatrical games that interact with small audiences on a personal level.